Thursday, November 22, 2018

Small Bursts of Grace

A litany of thanksgiving for small bursts of grace:

For quiet mornings and strong coffee shared with soul friends,
neighborhood potlucks filled with toddler squeals and baby coos,
late night, life-changing conversations,
easy tears that come with remembering departed loved ones,
for the comfort and grace of authentic community, I give thanks.

For goofy Snapchat conversations with far-flung cousins,
thoughtful texts that bookend tough days,
memories that spring back while looking through photographs,
handwritten verses delivered by poet-gardener neighbors,
for the gift of communication - simple and profound - I give thanks.

For art that demands attention and opens up possibilities,
music that serves as a reminder of the goodness that remains,
words that transport and transcend,
theatre that inspires and provokes,
for the bravery of humanity in creating and sharing, I give thanks.

For mystical, intuitive healers who work to release pain and trauma,
rituals, ancient or new, that bring hope and restoration,
friends who challenge and console, tell the truth and extend grace,
those who make room for doubt and faith,
for soulful connections that celebrate the mysteries of life, I give thanks.

For the majesty of mountains and peace of valleys,
the inexplicable pull of sparkling water,
the hush in twilight and dusk,
the radiance of sunshine and the rhythm of rain,
for nature that restores and revives, I give thanks.

For shared history that brings about quick laughter,
those who see and know and choose to love anyway,
dreamers who urge us to press on,
the joy of belonging to family and friends,
for true love, which imbues life with magic, I give thanks.